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"Malou Zryd’s work unfolds in series: wide expanses created using squares of fabric interwoven with metal threads; samurai suits of armour in ghostly moiré that hold their shape without their wearers; antique night shirts, wise and motionless, stretched out like canvases on frames.  This is work that combines technical virtuosity and depth of meaning.  Work that ranges from the figurative to the “geometric”.  And behind deceptively simple interpretations, there is a common and innervating thread: patch and revive discarded fabrics, redirect them, surrender to their memories and their whisperings in a renewal that brings together all the strands of the multiple identities of this Swiss artist of Korean origin."

Florence Grivel, 2016

"From introspection to recognition of other cultures, we discover something universal in these very personal pieces.  There is reflection on space and time – two concepts closely bound by an intrinsic relationship but also present in any undertaking of creation/filiation. The needle pierces the fabric as it would pierce a world to be deconstructed and reinvented thread after thread, even though the initial pattern remains as proof of an otherness in perpetual ending.  The past meets the present.  A new unified entity arises.  To reconstruct the fragments of a past in disguise, to ripen by experiencing the passage of time while recalling also memories of happy meetings … and to finally conquer its own vibrant space."

Aurélie Ferrand, 2016

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